February 2015 - May 2015

What was my role:

I lead a small team of designers and front-end developers at Lucuma Labs. I did design work and coordinated with the client, while managing the team.

What I worked on:

RPP needed a redesign after almost 10 years of the last one. They contacted LucumaLabs to do it. I worked directly with the Digital Manager and the Content Editors to define the new structure for RPP’s content.

After that, multiple meetings and presentations to the board had to be held in order to have the first sketches approved. We worked with a atomic approach, defining color palette and design tiles while the final wireframes where done.

I also supervised the front-end implementation, as the final product for us was the static site for the RPP’s in-house back-end team to work on.

What was achieved:

Unique visitors and unique session time incremented. Also, the platform was responsive and increased mobile sessions too.

Rpp.com.pe - Previous site and domain Rpp.pe - Design Tile Rpp.pe - Homepage Rpp.pe - Homepage with Sports insert Rpp.pe - Article Page Rpp.pe - Article Page with gallery Rpp.pe - Detail of the Styleguide delivered to the client