September 2012 - March 2013

What was my role:

I was the only senior designer at Lucuma Labs. I also was in charge of the front-end implementation. Infobae is the first LatinAmerican news site without a physical publication to back it.

What I worked on:

I worked on the whole information architecture, proposing new taxonomies and rearranging content on the whole site. This was done in direct coordination with the editorial management and the CEO of Infobae.

After that, I worked on the design of the whole UI, proposing new color palettes and new icons for the whole site, featured news modules, multimedia modules, and different ways to show multiple content on the homepage and on different categories. The front-end development was done in-house, and the final implementation of the site was worked with the back-end provider.

What was achieved:

Both monthly unique visitors and average session length increased. Infobae was recognized as the first LatinAmerican media site to go full responsive with this redesign by ComScore. This redesign increased mobile visits by more than 100%.

Infobae.com - Homepage High fidelity wireframe Infobae.com - Color Palette Infobae.com - Header detail Infobae.com - Homepage Infobae.com - Article page Infobae.com - Survey Detail Infobae.com - Money Exchange Detail Infobae.com - Multimedia Player Detail Infobae.com - Soccer Match module Detail Infobae.com - Tennis Match module Detail Infobae.com - Weather module Detail