September 2009 - February 2010

What was my role:

I started this project as a Designer at Grupo El Comercio, but after a few months I got promoted to Chief of Design, which put me in charge of the whole team.

What I worked on:

At first, I was in charge of the several iterations between wireframes and full sketches. This included creating color palettes, several icon sets, and since this was a news site, several featured grid options and multiple media modules.

After the change of role, I still did the previously mentioned tasks and also supervised the front-end implementation of the site, the front-end side of the integration with the new CMS and worked on several additional design requirements from the internal clients (the Editorial and Commercial teams).

What was achieved:

Unique monthly visitors grew exponentially, from around 2 millions at the time of the launch, to 10 millions in just under 6 months after the redesign. Also, the average session lasted more, going from 1 minute to just over 2 minutes after the redesign.

ElComercio.pe - Old design homepage (left) vs. 2010 Redesign homepage (right) ElComercio.pe - Article page ElComercio.pe - Sports Category page ElComercio.pe - Multimedia Player Icons ElComercio.pe - Homepage Featured News Grid ElComercio.pe - Multimedia Player Detail ElComercio.pe - Homepage Customization due to National Elections ElComercio.pe - Homepage Customization due to World Cup ElComercio.pe - PreLoad Page For Planet's Hour